It is all About Access …

Everything is about access! Fast Access, secured access, mobile access, convenient access, affordable access… the list goes on. The hype that surrounded much of this has become a reality. Hot-spots, global roaming with 802.11, GPRS, the 3As (accounting, authentication and authorization), data over power transmission, 3G, WiMax, Wireless MESH, Wireless N technology, etc, are no more buzzwords but words with practical applications.

Signet Technology Pte Ltd is very focussed on products and services that allow individuals and corporations to capitalize on the technology available, and we secure the most value-for-money solution to meet these needs !!



channel_assist.gifWe have had numerous requests from our channel partners, for us to provide services in the back-end, THROUGH them, so that they can support their customers better, with more breadth and depth.

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Our IT Distribution business is based on a SOLUTIONS - BASED Model

Our CORE Values:

  • Sincerity
  • Equal Partnership
  • Mutual Benefit