About us


Signet Technology believes in delivering the latest Info-Communications Technology to Government agencies, Corporates and Individuals. Technology that provides leverage.Technology that improves the quality of life by providing better and faster access. Technology that creates greater efficiency and provides for more choices.

We secure the most Value-For-Money solutions with the highest quality to meet the needs of our clients.

Signet Technology’s business is conducted STRICTLY through our CHANNEL PARTNERS :

  • More than 3,000 channel partners in Singapore (System Integrators & Resellers)
  • Regional Sub-Distributors in ASEAN

"A Solution can only be a solution if you take a product or application and position and reposition it quickly and differently, with different customers, based on their varying needs and financial positions, while working in the same timeframe, and in the same marketplace, WITH a positive impact on their bottomlines."

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Our wide array of products and applications cover the front to back end IT needs in most of the business segments.