Channel Engagement

Our engagement of the vertical segments and the horizontal levels of the market is STRICTLY done through channels: Regional Sub-distributors, System Integrators and Resellers.

Signet Technology works with about 3000 System Integrators engaged in the various business segments in Singapore and sub-distributors in the ASEAN region.

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We work together with our channels in demand creation and up selling activities and we run programs for specific business segment. Our engagement of channel partners reflects a “Solutions-Based Approach”.

Technical & Sales Support

Signet Technology provides extensive support to our channels in Technical matters as well as in Sales & Marketing. Our support cover the following areas:

  • Channel assist program – Where we work behind our channel partners and support them from basic maintenance services, to PC & Server migration, to network and systems troubleshooting, to systems deployment, implementation and testing & commissioning.
  • Sales Training – Can be done for individual companies or as a group of companies.
  • Technical Training – We are able to provide both hands-on and concepts training.
  • Network Design / Total Project Design – Our channel partners can rely on us to support & work with them for simple projects as well as large scale projects.
  • Seminars – We conduct seminars to update channel partners on the new technology available and the latest in our products & services.
  • Joint Customer Visits – Some projects require our presence and support from our channels in the engagement of their customers … we are more than willing to oblige.

Focus on the Following Vertical Market Segments:

Signet Technology is able to work with its channel partners in various business segments and is able to customize solutions to meet the needs accordingly. The segments that we have been supporting our channel partners on, include:

  1. Warehousing / Logistics
  2. Hospitality
  3. Medical & Healthcare
  4. Educational Institutions
  5. Finance / Banking / Insurance
  6. Telcos / ISPs / Service Providers
  7. Construction
  8. Aerospace Industry
  9. Military / Civil Defence
  10. Manufacturing
  11. Energy
  12. Transportation
  13. Others

MNC / Government Projects:

Signet Technology assists its channels in areas like network design, understanding the project specifications, providing support for the formulation of specifications and proposing the right solutions to meet the project needs. We also conduct joint site surveys with our channel partners.

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Engagement of SME's

We work with our channels to identify needs in the SME sector. We actively assist our channels to tap into the tremendous opportunities available in the SME market, in the area of cost reduction. rationalisation and streamlining of business processes and increasing productivity.

Working with ISP's

We are providing access from local ISP's to the end customers through our System Integration Partners. We also provide solutions to the various segments through seminars; email marketing and sales using the ISP's database, and cross selling through the ISP's sales teams.

Independent Seminars

We conduct our own seminars in Singapore and assist our regional distributors to conduct seminars for their own channels.